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02 19 2014 updated

Welcome to our Web Page


Returning guest and new guest fees are due by November of the year prior to the year they plan to hunt. All fees must be paid in full by January of the year you plan to hunt. As you realize, depending on when you hear about us and decide to get in, for your first year the payment schedule will have to fluctuate.


$ 750.00 FOR 2014 *


* Fees subject to change

We encourage a family atmosphere and pricing that allows the family to hunt together. Youth up to 17 years old are $100.00. If in the fall of the year, an 18 year old is a student, actively attending high school, in their senior year, residing at their immediate family home, and they wish to hunt, then we will consider them as a hunter at $100 for the fall season that they are graduating in. They must be in your area, with in speaking distance and you must be able to visually watch them for safety reasons.

If a significant other adult wishes to be with you, but not hunt, it is $100.00.

If an 18 year old or older  member of your family household has graduated from high school, actively enrolled  with no break in the school time line is a student in good standing in college the fall of the year they plan to hunt then they may be considered as a hunter at $200.00 or as a significant other at $100.00.

**An 18 year old, out of school  or with a break in the school time line is considered as an adult and the adult fees apply to them.

This gives you access to the lease the entire year calendar year. No hidden fees. No trophy fees .No hidden cost.

* Our goal is only 40 guests, and only if necessary will we allow an overflow of an extra ten guest in the lease. This would only be allowed to accommodate any person that we approved and that may have friends they hunt with that want in with them.

** Almost Heaven Outfitters L.L.C. reserves the rights to make the pricing decisions. Some situations need special considerations. We reserve the right to manage, set guest number limits, fees, and special prices.

We do not do this for a living...but we have to make money to pay the bills, and have enough profit to operate the company and the lease property legally.




We get asked constantly about our success ratio, and I have to say it is relative to whom you are speaking with. First you have to know that of our forty hunters ten will never show up to even hunt each year. Another ten will only hunt for three days and they are gone. So now we are down to twenty hunters on eight square miles hunting in the rut or when ever. Of that twenty, ten more are there for only a week to hunt and they may hit the rut or miss it depending. So that leaves only ten dyed in the wool hunters on the lease and they hunt hard for two to four weeks. Now we have a variety of hunters with a variety of goals. Some of our hunters new to archery are happy to just see deer and maybe a buck of any size. We have a number of hunters that want some thing bigger than anything they have gotten before, and that may not be more than a three year old 120 incher. Then we have a number of hunters that are totally happy with just seeing a really big buck in the wild because they never have seen one like that before, and their season is complete. But mostly we have each year a core group of dedicated hunters that know what this area has to offer and will produce in the way of very large body weight and antler size, and that is all they are after. Top end Bucks. We have them, and not just one or two, but quite a number of them. These hunters pass up 140 to 150 inch animals waiting for the big ones that they have seen and sometime previously missed. But it is like any goal worth achieving in life, it takes work, dedication, skill, persistence and a number of other talents to connect with the buck of your dreams. If it were easy everyone would do it and there would be no big bucks left. Big bucks do not get big by being stupid, they are very smart. Usually with us if you spend between 40-60 hours in a tree stand over the season in a reasonably good buck sign spot you will have the opportunity to see a really big buck. Now and again it does not happen but often I find out later that what the hunter was doing was not conducive to seeing a big buck and that explains their lack of success. Example, you can not urinate down the side of your tree daily, and you can not spit tobacco juice out of your tree stand on the ground below you, nor smoke cigarettes in your tree and drop your butts on the ground, now granted sometimes you can get away with all those actions, but not normally. Now just because you see your trophy buck that does not mean you will get a shot at it, nor even hit it when you do shoot. Again they are smart, and most of them are upwards of five years old, so they have some experience with hunters. Each year we have quite a number of muffed up shots, arrows that go into the wild wonderful West Virginia blue mountain air never to be seen again along with the buck, and I can not count high enough for the number of trees we have inadvertently drilled dead center. And remember a lot of folks will not tell about their misses until later on when they let it slip out some where and then it takes me a while to find out about it, gee I wonder why. So what is our success ration, it is hard to determine. Do we count the sighting, of which in a season are usually over 20 distinctively different racked bucks that go 140 plus, do we count the missed shots, the trees shot, the I made a mistake and he was gone, just how do you tally all that. We do take one truly big buck just about every year, some times as many as twelve. I can only tell you the truth. Our success is relative to whom your speaking with.

God Bless


2013 March 4 Mileage Chart to Almost Heaven Outfitters.

I hear that we are too far away, for folks to drive, to use the lease for the money it cost. I thought about that a bit, and did a comparison and realized the facts that you could not drive down and look for a place to hunt for free by your self, cheaper than just getting in with us. We provide the service, that we have done all the work, all you have to do is pay the fee and go hunt. The big bucks are there, and if we were any closer to most folks, we would not have any big bucks, because every one would be close to drive over for the day and would have hunted them all out. That drive is time is what allows us to still have big bucks. Hmmmmm...Also, a lot of folks want to see the lease first, and I thought about that too, who drives to Montana or Canada to see what it looks like before they book a hunt with some one? Yep. No One I have ever met. With us you have the advantage of tons of information and hundreds of photos on the web page and also on Face Book. Most others do not have as much information available on site for you prior to your Big Adventure. So with all of this in mind I got on map quest and this is what I found out. YOU ARE NOT AS FAR AWAY AS YOU THINK. From you to our lease it is :

Town Routes Time Miles Fuel Cost

Altoona Pa. 220 68 79 19 16, 5hr 48 min 337miles $86

Baltimore My. 340 81 64, 6 hr 17 min 373 mile $95

Clarksburg Wv. 79 77 16, 3 hr 171 miles$43

Cumberland My. 68 79 19 16, 4hr 35 min 270 miles $70

Cincinatti Oh. 35 77, 5hr 17 min 291 miles $67

Columbus Oh. 33 77, 4hr 35 min 250 miles $60

Greensboro Nc 77, 3hr 45 min 213 miles $53

Hagerstown My 64, 5 hr 15 min 318 miles $82

Harrisburg Pa. 81 64 16, 6 hr 22 min 392 miles $100

Johnstown Pa. 219 281 65, 3 hr 25 min 294 miles $77

Knoxville Tn. 81 77, 4 hr 37 min 280 miles $69

Lexington Ky. 460 64 77, 4 hr 23 min 261 miles $67

Punxsutawney Pa. 79 19 16, 6 hr 30 min 324 miles $81

Pittsburg Pa. 79 19 16, 4 hr 45 min 271 miles $69

Raleigh Nc. 77, 4 hr 37 min 287 miles $70

RichmondVa. 64 81 64, 4 hr 41 min 286 miles $74

State College Pa 220 77, 6 hr 30 min 376 miles $95

Washington DC Ma. 5 hr 34 min 337 miles $90

Wheeling Wv. 70, 77, 4 hr 28 min 265 miles $66

York Pa. 81 64 79 77, 6 hr 50 min 417 miles $102

I hope this enlightens you as to the driving distance and fuel cost. It should make it a bit easier to make a decision. Also the motel we use, their fee is $336 dollars for 7 days for two can not beat that price either....

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

God Bless

David A Poerio Jr.

Yearly Lease

This is a yearly lease, and your Lease Guest Permit Year, runs from January to December, just as the W.V. license year does. If you are in good standing at the end of the season, then you have the first opportunity to renew in January of the New Year...First Pay, First Selection of Area

Location, Where

Our lease is located in, Wyoming County, Wild Wonderful West Virginia. Wyoming County is one of the four, Bow Hunting Only Trophy County. No gun hunting on our lease since 1979

Sunday Hunting

Because we are a private lease, Sunday hunting is permitted as per the West Virginia rules and regulations.All Guest Permit holders must comply with the West Virginia State game laws, regulations and seasons. The long twelve week season, including the Sunday hunting gives you more opportunity for quick week end hunting trips.

Proximity to you on the East Coast

We are east of the Mighty Mississippi River.With the soaring price of gasoline, travel time, license cost, the quality of animal and hunt that we offer, we are a real opportunity to hunt close to home, inexpensively.

Property Size

We have basically five 1000 acre tracts all in one piece. A central 1000 acres, a North 1000 acres, a South 1000 acres, a West 1000 acres, and an East 1400 acres. Our parking area is located one mile in from the west side of our central 1000 acres. If you drive to my central 1000 acres, drive in the one mile, park and start from there, stay on the main road only, never get off of it, never explore any side roads, then drive to within one mile of our east 1000 acres border, then drive to our North 1000 acres, and back to the parking area, it is a 36, thirty six mile ride and takes about four hours to do. That is not a typo. Thirty six miles, four hour ride, and you never got off the main road. Four hours riding and you will be physically on way less than 20 percent of the property. Now you only went to three of the five 1000 acre sections. How big is that? For the acreage, we have very few hunters. Now imagine yourself being able to explore and scout our eight square miles of property, any time you like, all year long. Our longest standing guest, some with 9 plus years with us, have not even come close to covering the massive piece of property that is leased by Almost Heaven Outfitters,L.L.C. The main reason for this is the size, and that most all areas are as good as the next and once you find a spot you like, you spend time and money learning it, you like it, and since it is as good as the next spot, why move.


There are maintained gates at most of the entrances. We do have one county dirt unmaintained road on our east side border. The gates for where the secondary road turns off the county road and onto our property are in the planning, replacement budget. Be advised that there are quad trails and riders that tresspasser on us, and for those folks, we prosecute as fully as possible.

Cell Phone Service

If you get to the top of the mountains, you can get cell service to five of the major providers.

Guest Selection/ Waiting List

We do screen and limit the number of guest to produce optimum opportunities for each guest. The number varies with our cost to operate. Usually 30 or so guest , depending on their status. Some are youth, or family members, etc. Thats 30 hunters on over 5000 flat map acres, and even much more acerage if you factor in surface elevation. At times there may be a waiting list for new guest to get in.

Un-Guided Hunt

Being a lease, this is Un-Guided hunting.

Undisturbed Hunting using the Hunter Tracking System

We have a Hunter Tracking System that insures that no one interrupts each others area while they are hunting. YOU WILL NOT SEE ANOTHER HUNTER IN YOUR AREA ON ANY SINGLE DAY YOU HUNT OF THE ENTIRE TEN WEEKS OF BOW SEASON.

First Pay, Five Day Out systems

We have a first pay, first choice of area system for return guest and new guest, and we have a five day out, finished hunting release of the area system.

Success Ratio

Most years we have 75 percent or greater opportunity, depending on how you figure it up. . The bucks taken, passed over, missed and wounded vary with each individual, and as a group. Some folks pass over a number of bucks, some get to staring at their antlers and miss a number of them, etc. Generally our success is in the eye of the beholder, but you can ask for references, and they will tell you that the opportunity for a buck of a life time is here. Remember, that when you see a really big one, like one you have never seen before, it really influences your decision to take a nice one that walks by. . A lot of the folks pass up shots waiting for Mr. Big and this affects the success ratio. We have a number of guests that take a mountable buck on a regular basis. If you look at the photos and videos, you will see who they are. Know that it could be you too, if you want it to be.


We have three main access points to the lease and good, well tender, roads throughout the property. There are miles of quad trails that branch off these well roads that allow access to the remote mountains. One can also go about on foot, but don’t expect to cover large volumes of hunting areas in this manner.

Trophy Bucks

Allow me to describe this slice of heaven where your dreams can come true. You will be hunting an area that has great genetics, older age class animals, numerous natural food plots and some of the steepest, nastiest and thickest cover that you can imagine. These are all the things you need to produce a trophy class whitetail every year. You select the size of your trophy. If it is bigger than anything you have taken before, then that is good. If it is your last day and you want to harvest a spike, then that is fine also. Most of the bucks taken are pope and young and then some. Their live weight runs between 160 to 240 plus pounds depending on their age and health. We have a balanced deer herd with all age structures represented evenly. Remember, we limit the number of hunters severely, so taking an animal helps the balance of the herd.


The nearby local communities will provide all the accommodations a hunter can want or need. There are motels, laundry mats, a small airport, restaurants, parking areas, gas stations, etc., and the friendliness of the local people that work and live in these communities. If requested, the motels will provide rooms with multiple beds, refrigerators, microwaves, tables, chair, cable tv, wireless internet, and the restaurant downstairs will prepare you breakfast, lunch dinner, and can make you a daily bag lunch.

Distance from Motel

Our west entrance is eight miles from the motel. There is food and gas with in two miles of our west and north entrances.

Parking Areas

We have parking big enough for tractor trailer trucks.


You must buy your W.Va. license.

Hunting Seasons

Archery deer season is twelve weeks long, and you may choose to hunt every single day of the season. It is your choice. It generally starts in the begining of October and runs to the end of the calendar year. This is an unguided hunt on the lease. There is a season limit of one buck in Wyoming County, WV. A Guest Permit holder, may archery hunt; buck, doe and bear each hunting season. Fall gobbler is with a bow and arrow only. Spring gobbler season is with a bow or a shotgun.

No Firearms Discharged on the Lease

. In the fall there is no gun hunting or discharging of any firearms of any sort. In the spring gobbler season, shot guns are permitted only.

Protection Permits, Concealed Weapons Permits

You must contact the W Va. division of law enforcement to be sure you are in compliance. We do allow you to carry pistols on the lease when in compliance with W. Va. laws.

No Refunds

Whether you hunt or not, for the year that you are paid in, there are no refunds of fees. No roll over hunts into the next season. No Pro Rating for the year. No refunds.

W VA. Trespassing Laws





Trespassers Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent of the Law, Be Aware that Written Permission is Required, to be on our Lease

You must be a paid in full guest, and carry your Almost Heaven Outfitters, L.L.C. Issued written permission card on your person at all times, and you must have your issued permit stickers on your vehicles. The land Management Company and local law enforcement get a copy of this list also. This identifies you, your vehicle, and your quad to them and also to other paid in full guest that may not know you. Most certainly, if you are on the ground, you will be asked to present your identification and written permission card when greeted by one of our guest. Know that there will never be given verbal permission for any one to be on our lease. No verbal permission given, ever. No one is permitted to trespass for any reason. Not at any time. No service providers allowed to hunt either, for example, gas workers, timber workers, or looking for dogs, etc. No one but our paid in full guest with written permission permit cards are allowed to hunt or be on the lease. No one else. Any one trespassing for any reason, will have information gathered from them, their personal description and their vehicle description recorded, their license plate written down, be photographed, and this information will be turned into the law enforcement officers for full prosecution. No excuses accepted. ïWe are posted at all our entrances, we have camera surveillance and we regularly maintain and photograph our sign postings on the lease. Our contract and insurance reasons dictate this.

Fair Chase.

We are a 100 percent fair chase lease, with no fences

NO Baiting, Supplemental Minerals

We do not permit baiting on the lease during hunting season. We do put out supplemental minerals during the year, but If there are minerals remaining, you may not hunt over them. We prefer any type of bait or mineral to be gone thirty days before season starts.

Food Plots,

The different contract companies plant grasses and clover along the pipelines, right of ways, road ways, gas well, and timber landings.ï


They are not necessary, but they make it nice. They will get you to the mountain tops with out breaking a sweat. A good four wheel drive vehicle will get you most every where. A two wheel drive will get you to a great deal of the property.

Other Activities

A lot of the headwaters to the local streams start on our lease and you may fish the streams. I have seen trout taken out of the ones around our lease, but they are not stocked regularly. You may also go camping, hiking, biking, all year long too. We have miles of roads and trails to quad ride, horse ride, and four wheel on while you are scouting the land for your particular hunting season. No hidden fees for these extras [

Registered Hunters Web Page

Once you purchase, a Guest Permit, with Almost Heaven Outfitters, L.L.C., you will be assigned a user log on name and password. The user log on name and password will allow you to access the Registered Hunters Only website. The Registered Hunters Only website has everything you need to make the most of your experience with Almost Heaven Outfitters, L.L.C... One of the main features of the Paid in Full Guest Permit, Registered Hunters Only, website, is the hunter tracking system. Each new Guest Permit Holder is assigned a seniority number and that seniority number will be placed on a topography map of the property along side their name. Each guest permit holder will get two pins and the liberty of reserving two pinned spots for the upcoming hunting season. One spot will be your hunting location and the second spot will be your scouting location. You may purchase as many pins as you like. Each extra pin is half the price of a full guest permit. The guest permit holders will be responsible for choosing the areas that they want to hunt and scout. We will assist new first time guest in their selections of areas, because we want you to be successful. The two locations chosen by each guest permit holder must be approved by David A. Poerio Jr. to ensure that there is no conflict of interest between the guests. The guest permit, Registered Hunters only website also has many other features like the:

An Arrival and Departure Sheet for prognosticating your visits to others.

A Seven Day Weather Forecast for the area you will be hunting.

A Calendar of events for the entire year which include scheduled dates of activities: Spring Shed hunting, Spring Scouting, Spring Turkey, and Orientation of

New and returning guest, to name a few.

A Satellite Topography maps, of the hunting area.

3-D Terrain Topography maps, of the hunting area.

A Bulletin Page for posting information about the upcoming hunting seasons.

A Forms Page that has everything needed for a new member.

An Icon Map that shows where the hunters are hunting and scouting

An Information Map with toggles that show U.T.M. grids, roads, names of locations, hazards, notes, and other information.


You can attend church at one of the numerous, friendly, churches in the surrounding

community. Most will invite you to attend their special activities and let me tell you, the messages are great, the people are wonderful, and their cooking is out of this world.

Closing Thoughts

Know the peace and serenity that will sink into your heart, soul and mind, from being out here in Gods creation. You will feel it, and it will move you. Be amazed at the gazillions of stars in the night sky and how bright and close they appear to you. Watch the sun crawl up the sides of the mountains, with golden rays. Listen to the babbling brook or the raging stream, as the mountain comes to life around you. Watch all the birds and critters go scampering about their daily life. Breath in the fresh mountain air, look out over His vast creation, and sees the big clouds rolling by above and below you. Feel the wind in your hair and on your cheeks, the cool sliding thermals going down the draws. In the middle of the day, stare into the inky black depths and shadows of the hidden bowls and hollers. Have your orbs, blinded by the explosion of neon and iridescent colors of the fall foliage. Ah, breathe in deep, that smell of fresh fallen leaves, acorns, and vegetation. Drink in the damp musky odor of several freshly visited scrapes or the sweet smell of freshly rubbed, hemlocks and other odiferous trees. Peer into the deep shadows, and allow the, blazing white buck rubs to call your attention to them. Feed all this information into your predatory mind, and formulate your hunting plan. Your plan to pursue your trophy class buck at Almost Heaven Outfitters, L.L.C...

Remember, the quality of our memories is influenced by how we behave and progress on the journey to our destination. Hopefully, yours will be of the friends you have hunted with, the experiences you have shared, the knowledge you have gained and of the critters you have pursued, and that should make your heart sing with delight.

You have the greatest chance for success here because we give you the most opportunity

to be successful. This is the ultimate for the purist trophy bow hunter, one that is looking

for that extreme adventure and trophy of a lifetime.

And let me tell you, that you could not travel here to look for a place to hunt for free, as inexpensively, as we provide this opportunity for you. We have done all the home work. The trophy bucks are here. The successful hunters and their photographs will vouch for that. All you have to do is pay and go hunt. I hope to hear from you soon.


1. You must be interviewed and screened. We will ask you some normal information questions. Before you send your check we will speak a time or two. We reserve the right to select whom we accept.

2. After approval, you mail a check or money order to us for the correct amount. We will notify you when it is recieved.

3.We send you by e - mail or mail two waivers for you to sign hard copy and return to us. The first waiver is a release from indeminity and injury etc. The second is a photo waiver that allows us to use your photos. They are standard industry waivers, however, if you do not sign the waivers, you can not be on our lease. Claiming ignorance of the rules and waivers is no excuse and will not be accepted in the court of law. By being on our lease or with us, you agree to follow all the rules.

4.When we receive the waivers, we will then place you on insurance, send you directions, emergency list, a key for one gate. etc. Also we will turn on the Registered Hunters Web page, send you the web address, login name and password.

5. From this point on , follow the rules and you may access the lease.

Contact us by e-mail under the Contact or the Booking Icons on the web page.

May God Bless You and Yours,

David A. Poerio Jr.

724 Frostburg Road

Punxsutawney Pa. 15767


Info @

Almost Heaven Outfitters L.L.C.

Specializes in Teaching Bowhunting Trophy White Tailed Bucks.

We offer a variety of other professional instruction and services. If you take this instruction you will be: Learning how to take mature trophy bucks. How to differentiate between young bucks and Trophy Buck Sign. How to be a better Woodsman. How to apply hands on Q.D.M., quality deer management principles and techniques. We have available blocks of instruction, both verbally and hands on, of the how to : practice Q.D.M., do food plots, locate a big buck, do proper stand selection set ups, ground truth off of your topography maps, interpret sign, read the woods, develop a wind map, identify tree, flora, and fauna, improve your personal woodsman ship skills, shoot straight, hit from a tree stand, identify generation beds, rubs, community scrapes, individual scrapes, hunt terrain, read a topographic map, use a g.p.s.,hunt pressured whitetails, how to shoot your bow, how to hit where you want, how to aim, how to quit flinching, winning archery form, etc., and numerous other topics including ones your interested in learning about. When pursuing trophy bucks, there is no substitute for, woodsman ship, knowledge, skill and experience. I can help you shorten your learning curve. You may be over whelmed with information, new and old, but you will retain a good bit of it. Most of the techniques that I will teach you, you will never have heard of, and you will never have seen any where on T.V. or on a program. They are highly effective and work. You will not have to reinvent the wheel, nor do it the hard way, to learn about trophy whitetails. We can save you a lot of time, money, and years of frustration. Check the testimonials here from people who have participated in lectures, one on one coaching and consulting experiences. Decide if it you want to learn the secrets of successful hunters in the woods. Get in touch with us by sending us an e-mail or contact and booking icons on this page .1. We can do one on one settings, for a very individual and question specific, personal coaching, type instruction of how to bow hunt a buck, or Q.D.M., quality deer management..2. We can do group seminars, or speak at your groups meetings.3. We can also travel to your hunting or land area and provide services, ranging from hunting instructions to Q.D.M.,quality deer management .4. Realize of course that you will get a lot of this information from the returning successful guest that you make friends and hunt with, if you decide to become a Guest Permit holder at the lease.

A Passion for Whitetails- A Word About Me

Whitetails have been my passion since I was very young. My first experience when I was about five, at twenty yards laying in the snow , in a wild crabapple orchard on an overcast, six inch , blue-white- snow day with a bedded eight point buck breathing steam out of both nostrils. His honey colored ,ivory tipped antler points flashing, and sparkling in the filtering sunlight and the twinkling fire in his dark brown eyes, awoke the passion in me to want to know everything about this magnificent creature and his habitat. I thank God for the wonderful life long journey I have had, and I would like to share with you, my spiritual connection, knowledge, experiences, and the grandeur of his world through photographs , of this magnificent creature, the trophy, whitetail buck.

Almost Heaven Outfitters, LLC is owned by David A Poerio Jr., based in Frostburg, Pa., offering coaching and consulting if you wish to learn the how to of quality deer management and bow hunting trophy bucks.

When deer hunting season rolls around, Almost Heaven Outfitters, L.L.C., has lease Guest Permits available, on leased land, in southern West Virginia's bow hunting only, Wyoming County, where you can take your new skills out in the woods and feel the spiritual connection, while hunting your own trophy buck

This extreme bow hunting is not for the faint of heart. These bucks live in some of the roughest, steepest, most rugged mountains God has created on the face of this earth. The views from your stands are spectacular, breathtaking, wild, wonderful and heavenly. On your journey you will learn new skills and make new friends while having the time of your life.

Read the testimonials and look at photos from our previous hunts to learn more about how David can help you become an expert bow hunter.

Contact Almost Heaven Outfitters, L.L.C. today and ask how David can be your guide to quality deer management and bow hunting.

Address is

David Poerio

724 Frostburg Road

Punxsutawney, Pa. 15767


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